Chinese Lantern

Now is still in lunar Jan. in China. According to Chinese tradition, from spring to festival of lanterns, people usually hang lanterns in the gardens, outside the houses, and on the boats. These lanterns are signposts to guide guests and spirits of ancestors to the Lunar celebration. After a sumptuous fifteen-day feast, these lanterns light the way for the spirits back to the world beyond.

Silk, paper and plastic lanterns vary in shape and size and are usually multi-colored. Some are in the shapes of butterflies, birds, flowers, and boats. Other are shaped like dragon, fruit and animal symbols of that year. The most popular type of lantern is the "horse-racing" one, in which figures or animals rotate around the vertical axis of the lantern.

In Nanjing, the lantern show of Confusious Temple is known well. Most residents and visiters visited the lantern show as a celebration for the Chinese Lantern Festival on Feb. 6, 2009.

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