The Quaint Ear Light

Look at the above man, there is a red light on his left ear. Does it just make us feel beautiful or cool? What is it real function?

Actually it is a kind of indicator light. When he is walking and need to turn left or right, the indicator light will tell people or autoes behind him. Its switch is on the man's belt. He could switch on and off conveniently.

According to the product description, it is mostly used in super markets, where it is so crowed, to avoid traffic accident.


Two-way Flashlight

It is important for you to have a flashlight when you walk in the dark. But do you still worry that there are some troubles in your head. As we are know, most flashlights or torches are one way that makes us can not pay attention to our head and our feet side. So it can not meet our needs.

Now the above new flashlight is designed as a circle shape with a switch on the top of it. It is most wonderful that there are three bulbs in the flashlight, the bigger one is for your head; the two smaller ones are for your feet side. So it is convenient for you to walk safely and quickly.


Flower Bulbs

Have you ever seen this kind of bulbs?

Although there is a flower in the bulb, the function is still luminatiom but not decoration. There is a plug on the end of its light pole, so it could be connected with the socket directly. When you watch TV programe at night, maybe it is a romantic and interesting thing that open on a such flower bulb beside.

Clothes Lighting

I found some interesting lighting from Salone Internationale del Mobile di Milano, which launched in 1961 by a small coalition of furniture manufacturers from within the Federlegno-Arredo trade association with the aim of promoting the exportation of Italian furniture, and which soon became the most prestigious international event in the world of furniture design and production.

Look at the above pictures, you must be surprised by their apperences. The bulbs are covered with some colorful clothes, which is not the real clothes, but just used as chinffon lamp shade. Could you imagine that you watch the European football game under those colorful light. What a incredible feeling!

British Sun Jar

It is a mysterious sun jar, which can collect sunshine in daytime. In an ancient myth, a little girl said to her lover that if he could make her look the sunshine at night, she would merry him. So her lover made his best to search that sunshine from then. At last, he got over many difficulties and beaten a mountain monster, then he got a jar that could collect sunshine. He and the little girl had a happy ending.

Actually, there is an automatic photosensitive device, which emit its light only at night, in the sun jar. Of course, there is also a switch in it, you could close it any time you want.

A Way to See the Wind

In the four seasons every year, you always could feel the wind. It is still a little cold in spring; but very hot in summer; feel so cool in autumn and vevy cold in winter. However, have you ever seen it? Ok, follwing is a good way for you to see it.

This experimental site-specific installation illustrates alternative, sustainable ways of harnessing energy that will explore the power of the wind in the city, visualising it as an ephemeral cloud of light.

The installation is custom built, using 500 mini wind turbines to generate power, which illuminates hundreds of mounted leds, creating firefly-like fields of light, with wind visually interpreted as electronic patterns across the installation.
Wind around the southbank generates the power, creating a unique and thought-provoking light art piece that will delight all ages.

Novel Floor Flower Lights

As we are know that lights are used to give our luminosity,while they are also used for home decoration. So have you seen a kind of lights that could project many beautiful flowers on the ground?

Here I will introduce a interesting light that designed by Ship Tora. It is also a floor light, and there is switch on the top of it. You push the switch botton, then you could see the beautiful flower.

Flat Bulb

Have you ever saw a flat bulb? Before I wrote this article, I have never! The bulbs that we usually use are alway like a ball. But a kind of flat Bulb, designed by korean designer Joonhuyn Kim, come to our life now.

It is 1/3 volume of a normal bulb. It is easily to be packaging and transport! Its flat shape that allows bulbs to be easily stacked and prevents breakage because rolling. I love it! Very cool bulb! Flat Bulb was on display as a part of 100% design tokyo,which Receiving an overwhelming response from both the international and domestic design community as a new and highly respected design event, 100% Design Tokyo has already established itself as Japan’s premier contemporary interiors event.

Luminated Shutter

Are you always hate dark in every night? Here is a kind of luminated shutter that could help you to avoid this trouble. It is designed by Ivan Huber. A Light in the Dark is an active photovoltaic blind system. The sun's energy is captured during the day and released as light by night.

So it is a enviroment-friendly new products that could be used as a night light. Maybe we could also use it in restaurants and hotels, that will add many romantic mood for lovers.


Beautiful Flasher Kite Light at Night

Have you seen many beautiful flasher kites flying in the night sky? If you no, you could choose a dusk or a night at spring to go to a nearby garden, then you must could see many children or lovers fly beautiful kites. I still remember that the first time when I saw the flasher kites, I felt so curious and always thought that was air plane lights for a long time. Until some day, a friend told me that those flasher lights were kites with many LED lights.

Incorporating the latest lightweight miniature electronic technology, each Laser Light Kite features flashing red, blue or green LED lights and an on/off switch and includes a tiny powerful battery, capable of providing up to 20 hours continual use! These lights are bright enough to look spectacular on a dull day or when flown at dawn or duskFly your kites at night with our kite lights, makes you kite look like a UFO! And those LED lights could be used on almost any kite. Use a rubber band to attach to kite spar or invent a myrad of other uses. Moving the elasticised black band up a notch turns the light on/off. Replaceable battery. Lights are available in six different colors.

Chinese Lantern

Now is still in lunar Jan. in China. According to Chinese tradition, from spring to festival of lanterns, people usually hang lanterns in the gardens, outside the houses, and on the boats. These lanterns are signposts to guide guests and spirits of ancestors to the Lunar celebration. After a sumptuous fifteen-day feast, these lanterns light the way for the spirits back to the world beyond.

Silk, paper and plastic lanterns vary in shape and size and are usually multi-colored. Some are in the shapes of butterflies, birds, flowers, and boats. Other are shaped like dragon, fruit and animal symbols of that year. The most popular type of lantern is the "horse-racing" one, in which figures or animals rotate around the vertical axis of the lantern.

In Nanjing, the lantern show of Confusious Temple is known well. Most residents and visiters visited the lantern show as a celebration for the Chinese Lantern Festival on Feb. 6, 2009.

Introduction of China Sign Expo 2009

From Apr. 8th to 11th, the 16th China Sign Expo will take place in Beijing, which is capital of China and the economic center of Northern China and the most significant market for sign and ad industry as well. Started from 1994, China Sign Expo is is held annually and attracts a great number of exhibitors and visitors domestic and abroad. It has already developed into the largest fair in sign and advertising industry and enjoys a high reputation.

The 16th China Sign Expo will take place in Hall 1A, 1B, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8A and 8B in the China International Exhibition Center from April 8 to April 11 next year. It is estimated that the displaying area next year will reach to 50 thousand square meters and the number of exhibitors will get to 500. Right now, the preparation work for the next sign expo has been finished. Now many companies intending to attend the fair have already reserved the booth. Our next task is to sparing no efforts to perfect our service and promote China Sign Expo all over the world though more different kinds of media so as to bring more friends together in the big advertising festival.


Laser Hopscotch Game

With the advent of laser lighting game, children could play hopscotch game anywhere they want. Remember the good old days where we used to keep a stash of chalks from the classroom so that we can chalk up sidewalks and have our game there? There is no need to painting on the playground anymore. And there are more kinds of hopscotch games now, which are designed by Jeon Hyelim.