The Effection of LED on Us

As we are know, LED technology is instead of traditional illumination now. The benefits of using LED have also had an impact on the consumers who are now switching to these lights than the conventional light bulbs. Besides, home and office, the traffic signals, port headlamps and flashlights are too using this inexpensive LED technology for better and eco friendly illumination.

In the lighting industry, LED lighting is known to be representing a fundamental difference in the use of electrical energy for illumination. While incandescent bulbs rely upon a glowing filament for the production of light. The Light emitting diodes bulb on the other hand use all the energy to light up the lamp. Thus saving heat energy. The low cost of maintenance as well as longer shelf life makes this technology a better purchase. In America, where 20% of the energy is consumed in lighting, the LED has proven exceptionally efficient in saving a considerable portion of this energy.

Another pioneer step that has rendered an extra edge to this technology is the option of replacement wherein an another bulb known as CRS MR 16 (produced by CRS Electronics), directly replaces fluorescent tubes without modification to the electrical lighting fixture. This linear tube bulb is also bedecked with the advantage of life expectancy that is beyond 40,000 hours. Another product under this segment is the CRS MR16, that too is capable of saving energy consumption up to 87%.

The use of LED's today have not remained confined to home and office where they are known to illuminate the area. In the modern world, their worth is rapidly being realized in many medicinal applications as well. One such use is in the restorative dentistry where blue light emitting diodes are being used for the cure of light activated oral bio materials. In clinical trials conducted by the researchers, it came to notice that a blue light emitting diode (LED) light curing unit (LCU) is capable in the production of equal dental complex depth via a halogen LCU which is adjusted in a manner that gives an irradiance of 300 mWcm-2.

LED lighting has a very colourful and unique characteristic that can be manipulated for beautification of landscapes, rooms, cars and any object worth beautifying. LED lighting can add colour and aura that make your homw looks cools.


The 10th Xi'an International Hospitality Supplies & Equipment fair

We are an well-established exhibition organizer in Guangzhou, China. Our featured exhibition is the "China (Guangzhou) International Hospitality Supplies & equipment fair (HOSFAIR)" . With the strong support from China Hotel Association, China Western Food Culture Association, Guangdong Cuisine Association, Guangdong Hotel General Manger Association and Guangdong Tourism Culture Association, the HOSFAIR has become one of the most influential exhibitions on hospitality supplies in China and keeps expanding year by year.

Huazhan Department of Fair and Exhibition Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Chinas Exhibition Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of planning, and it is one of the main organizers of the leadership of the Chinese hotels. The contractors previous Xian hotel supplies exhibition is the largest brand in the western show and has a capacity of the Guangzhou Asian first-class international hotel supplies exhibition and procurement as high as the Friends of the international hotel network and 100 well-known domestic and foreign trade cooperation.

Advertise The exhibition will continue to show the advantage of Huazhan to do outreach into the millions at home and abroad thousands of huge media (magazines, websites, newspapers, outdoor advertising, advertising signs) on advertisements, press releases, publicity and to maintain. The domestic in organization leader for hotel supplies manufacturers at home and abroad to expand the market to provide strong support.

Guangdong, Shaanxi linkage Huazhan will make full use of the advantage of linking between Xian and Guangzhou companys strengths, innovation efforts and strengthen cooperation, set up in Guangzhou, Xian, hotel supplies exhibition platform for interaction, sharing of resources and speed up the ninth Xian hotel supplies exhibition to upgrade the national exhibition. Guangzhou in South China invitation of the wide range of hotel suppliers, agents, will focus on the invitation of South-East Asia and other international procurement, tours to promote the Xian International Exhibition of development.

Host organizers: Shaanxi Tourism Administration/Shaanxi Tourism association/Shaanxi Tourism restaurant association/Shaanxi cuisine restaurant trade association/Hotel Association of Shaanxi Province/ Baking Industry Association of Shaanxi Province/ Xi'an coffee Professional Committee/ Hotels in Guangdong, general manager of Friendship

Duration: May 21-23, 2009

Venue: Xi'an Qujiang International Conference and Exhibition center B1,B2, B3

Telephone: 86-029-85359302

Tips for Choosing Home Lighting

Compact fluorescent bulbs have been a trends for home decoration. The most largest advantages of them is energy saving. Adopted by householders as a longer-lasting, energy efficient alternative to the traditional incandescent lightbulb, compact fluorescents consume one-third of the power and last 1,000 times longer than incandescent bulbs.

These compact fluorescent bulbs are four times more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs and provide the same lighting.

- Use CFLs in all the portable table and floor lamps in your home. Consider carefully the size and fit of these systems when you select them. Some home fixtures may not accommodate some of the larger CFLs.
- When shopping for new light fixtures, consider buying dedicated compact fluorescent fixtures with built-in ballasts that use pin-based replacement bulbs.
- For spot lighting, consider CFLs with reflectors. The lamps range in wattage from 13-watt to 32-watt and provide a very directed light using a reflector and lens system.
- Take advantage of daylight by using light-colored, loose-weave curtains on your windows to allow daylight to penetrate the room while preserving privacy. Also, decorate with lighter colors that reflect daylight.

So there are more and more family choosing CFLs. When you save on energy, you are also saving on your electricity bill and helping the environment. It is widely accepted that fluorescent light bulbs do, in fact, work longer than traditional light bulbs. Many people dislike the look of fluorescent bulbs, but you have to remember that the CFL bulbs are not the same that you see in some kitchens or when you go shopping. These are smaller—the size of a traditional bulb, so you don’t get that annoying overhead lighting.


Function in Task Lighting

Task lighting is a kind of light that is used to illumination in certain areas of the room for specific tasks, such as reading, writing or playing a musical instrument. However, the illuminance level is not the only factor governing visibility. Contrast too is important, and a poorly positioned light source may cause contrast reduction, resulting in loss of visibility. Therefore, it can be argued that the most important purpose of task lighting is not increasing illuminance, but improving contrast.

In addition, you need sufficient overall illumination so people can simply see where they're going, and so they don't trip over that great furniture that you have carefully placed in the rooms. This general lighting is referred to as ambient lighting, which is the overall lighting that permeates the entire room.

Of course, it's hard to separate the function of the lighting from the function of the room, and the two should work together. For example, if the function of a home study is to provide a place for reading, working on the computer, and sitting at a desk, you want to have lighting that will help with those functions; you'd want some kind of soft ambient lighting, with reading lamps strategically placed.

In this techno savvy world everyone wants to own a device that is portable and compact in order to avoid any logistic. While travelling if you have an urge to read and cannot do so due to paucity of light, then LED Micro Task Lighting is just the thing you need. Due to its small size and various attributes like the unbreakable filament and extremely long hours of battery back up, LED Micro Task Lighting comes as a rescue for all those who need an extra lighting that can move with them.

This handy LED lighting fixture does not involve waste of energy and has expendable arms and head to make sure that its rotates 360 degree, thus making you aim incisively where you want it across your page or keyboard. This products work on the methodology that involves 3 AAA batteries and four energy smart LEDs that help deliver a light that lasts for 1,00,000 hours. Contrary to traditional bulbs there are no filaments to break, so it does not need replacing, ever!

A proper task lighting design will make your house look beautiful and humanistic.The actual task may range from very small up to about as far as you may reach with your hands or available tools. Lighting of larger areas is beyond the scope of task lighting.


Under Cabinet Light

Do you wonder to install cabinet lightings (also known as task lighting) in your kitchen? Actually, installing under cabinet lighting make a homeowner can do things safely.

Wall cabinets create is most commonly installed underneath kitchen cabinets in order to eliminate shadows on countertops and cooking areas. It can also be used to brighten workspaces on desks with overhead cabinets, or to highlight family photos in bookshelves and dishes in china cabinets. In addition, it creates a calming and decorative atmosphere in any room of the house. Small and versatile, these lights can be used almost anywhere additional lighting is desired.

I prefer to use the low-voltage under cabinet lighting fixtures. They are very simple to install, and can become almost invisible if you are able to pre-wire for the lights during new construction or a remodeling job. A skilled electrician can easily hide the wire and needed transformers in a finished kitchen, so I would not hesitate to add under cabinet lights in a brand new totally finished kitchen.

When purchasing under cabinet lights, consider both the type of bulbs you want and the type of fixture that best suits your needs. There are many options available. The four main types of bulbs are fluorescent, halogen, incandescent, and xenon.

You can install these under cabinet lights if you can read directions and follow them. The hardest part is trying to incorporate the way they will be switched on and off. I prefer to make the under cabinet lights come on at the same time as certain other overhead lights turn on in my kitchen. To do this, you have to run a regular 120-volt cable from one of the light fixtures to the transformer or to an outlet that the transformer plugs into. This type of electrical wiring may be beyond the capabilities of most homeowners.


Bookshlef Lamp

Do you like to read a nice book before going to sleep? Do you definitely have some kind of night lamp near your bed? Although you probably have a problem like me, where to put book after the reading and how to bookmark it. Studio Smeets Design in Amsterdam designed a product which could solve all that troubles.

With usual manual switch for turning on-off the lamp Lili Lite has more smart system. bookshelf lamp provides reading light and also gives you a place to set your books (in a neat and tidy manner) while keeping them within reach of the bed or couch. If you want to turn off the light, you’ll have to put an open book on the shelf as pictures, and a sensor will turn off the light for you. When the book is picked up again, the light automatically turns on.

The lamp features a sturdy base (we don’t want our book collections toppling in the middle of the night, do we?) with scrolling bookends to contain your reading material.

Book Shelf Lamp keeps reading materials and instant light at your fingertips within arms length of your bed or sofa. Features a stylish, sturdy base with built-in scrolling bookends keeping your literature neat. Ideal gift for those who love to read or want to bring a touch of elegance to their bedroom.

So it is a practical gift for the reader in your family or friends or yourself.

Two Romantic Bed Light

A bed lamp can make your room look really special. It can significantly enhance the beauty and overall appeal of an area. Here I will introduce two romantic bed lamp for those lovely girls or couples.

A small, angel-shaded lamp is perfect for times when you need a little bit of light but don't want to switch on the harsh and bright ceiling light. For example, when it's time to wind down for bed and someone wants a story, a soft bed light can be the best solution.

Girls who are afraid of the dark will also appreciate the subtle light that's provided by a bedside table lamp that can also be switched off from the bed rather than the wall outlet.

A light doesn't always have to totally utilitarian - it can be decorative too. Fancy or antique table lamps are beautiful accent pieces for a formal dining room, living room or bedroom. They're also practical, offering a soft and romantic glow.

Candle Light

Here I introduce you a candle light, which could be put near the table to make it cozier and warm when your family or guests arrive. Surely, they would notice such nice d├ęcor in the dining area. They might even be interested in hiring you to make some candleholders for them.

We are most familiar with the candle holders that we see in the home such as those used on the dining table for special occasions. These can be the one-piece glass holder that holds a single tapered candle to a large three-wick candle that is used with flowers or fruit to decorate and set the mood for dinner.

Where you want to place your candles and the type of setting you want to create both play an important role in the type of container that you choose. For a garden party you may want to buy little metal buckets to use as candleholder. They are easily made and decorated. This type of candleholder makes a wonderful gift that you can send home with your guest to remember the occasion.

Almost instantly my thoughts went to wall sconce candle holders. There are some beautiful pieces that would add subtle charm to any southwestern decor.

Spotlight or Shower?

Maybe we can call the above light as "Shower Light". During a day as well as epoch wherever fashion flourish and give the impression of being add up pro an assortment it is not astonishing to present is a sturdy spotlight on designer outfits. In the age of style and designer outfits, the spotlights have for eternity is on women's fashion and accessories. Currently though, several guy are now the same as anxious through individual awake to date on style along with seeing that fashion as women be.

There are 144 LEDs be set in the so-called shower light. Wherein, 72 of those LEDs are in the lamp cylinder; the other 72 LEDs are put around the shower. So it could support a strong light for you. It also could be used as a decoration in your home, which will increase some romantic mood and relax your family.

Bonfire Bed Lamp

As we all know that the classic style of bed lamp is something like a small ceramic or plastic table lamp with a fabric or vinyl shade. These are often sold in neutral colors such as white, tan or black as well as pastels and popular decorator colors. Bedside lamps may be sold in pairs since bedrooms with a double or queen-size bed usually have two nightstands or bedside tables. The above bed lamp is a table light, which looks like a bonfire.

While there's nothing like a healthy bonfire deep in the woods on a high adventure weekend, a bonfire isn’t the most practical thing for your living room. We’re willing to wager that roasting a few dozen logs isn’t something you want to try indoors without a fireplace. But designer Kang Kyung Lee wants to offer otherwise with his Bonfire lamp. Looking more like ancient Roman scrolls, the little LED sticks twist and turn to come up with the spectacular magic of a heat-less bonfire, which should really light up your room. Though we’re not certain of the point of a bonfire inspiration sans heat, we think that design above is pretty enough.


Bed Lamp With Collection Box

Bed Lamp is always a light that is placed next to a bed. It is usually small in size so it can fit on a table, but basically any lamp designed to be near the bed could be called a bed lamp. Some bed lamps are clip-on types that attach to a shelf or bed post, while others are attached to the wall.

Here I want to introduce you a special bed lamp with the function of collection. As you can see in the above picture, there is a groove, like a small collection box, in the bed lamp. So you could put your cell phone, MP3, radio and remote control etc in the lamp. It is convenient for you to find a thing during night.

Creative Lighting Box

Designed by David Graas the ‘Not A Lamp’ and ‘Not A Box’ lights take the IKEA idea of flat-packed furniture and apply it to lighting instead. The ‘Not A Lamp’ is designed to sit on a table and has the silhouette of a lamp cut into a simple cardboard box, while the ‘Not A Box’ is designed to hang from the ceiling and uses the outline of a light bulb with a simple shade instead.

As we all know that table light is a necessary decoration part in our lives. Reading can be one of the most relaxing activities that one can indulge in, whether it’s the newspaper, a novel or just any book that you can pick up. It is one solo moment when you shut the doors to everything else in the world and just flop down with something that can bring in lots of introspection.

While I like the negative image effect of both lights I suspect the ‘Not A Box’ is a bit more useful since it has a large hole on the bottom that allows the light from the bulb to shine down onto a table. The intricate pattern of the ‘Not A Lamp’ on the other hand looks like it gives off very little light. So in this case I guess form just edges out functionality.

And from what I can tell both lights come with ‘some assembly required’ not to mention supplying your own bulb, but I can’t imagine the instructions for putting it together are that hard to follow. The ‘Not A Lamp’ also comes in your choice of brown, orange, green or blue colors.

Interior lighting often defines the quality of a commercial environment. Office space very often depends on the quality of interior lighting to create an ergonomic and motivated workspace that will contribute to higher production and profit margins. Everything from morale to corporate culture can be affected by a change in the interior lighting. Commercial production facilities rely upon interior lighting directly for manufacturing and shipping. In their world, proper levels of glare free illumination are a must for safe and efficient process flow. Some environments, such as manufacturing and assembly, rely so heavily on commercial interior lighting that their very survival depends upon its quality.


Lighting - At Your Command

Do like the above light called "At Your Command"? It likes a lighting model, who has a slim figure, slender legs and flexible joints. It, designed by a Singapore designer, could be posed variously.

As we all know that decorating a house can be hard work, but after it is finished it is certainly worth it. You could have repainted all of the walls, ripped out old appliances etc but it can sometimes look bare after all of this. Adding extra features to the room after it has been decorated helps to make the room look complete. With all of the added extras you can use like furniture, something that can add extra class to the room is modern floor lamps.

So the "At Your Command" light is a good choice. You could pose it as a table light, night light and floor light, which can help to add extra style to a room as well as making the most out of open and empty space. There are various different designs to choose from so it should be easy to find one which you like.


You could imagine that if the LED lights are made like fruits sticks, which light up when stuck in the pin cushion. So if you want a strong light, you could put more fruit sticks in the pin chushion; if you want a slight light, you could put less.

It is a special night light, which is often found in bedrooms, as a means of providing a small amount of light, in case the occupant of the room wakes and rises during the night. While many children derive a sense of security from the presence of night lights, adults also can find them very handy if there is a need to get up for any reason, such as responding to the cry of a newborn. Just as young people sometimes feel more comfortable with a night light in the room, older people who may unsure of their footing may find that night lights are helpful as well.

DIY Bottle Pendant Lamp

The above bottle pendant lamps are designed by artist - Jerry Kott handcuts, who reassemble and polish those recycled bottles, then created these beautiful pendant lamps. There are a electric wire and a 40 watt bulb in each pendant lamp.

So the materials are easy to find. If you are interested in it, you could make some in your room to increase some romantic mood.

Birzi Table Light

Do you like the above five table lights, which look like a vase, a child with hat and a sunward flower? Actually they are changed from one table light. So you could change its style and color according to your mood and interesting. Anyway, the different style will show you different light effect.
According to Design - Milk, it is just a present from YLighting. Through this, we can imagine that all other lightings from YLight are with good design.


Mini Color Light

The mini color light, which is designed by Philips, could be adjusted to 16,000 million colors by remote control. And you could just use your finger tips to adjust colors according to your mood.

When you feel sleepy, you could change to the blue color to ease your mood. When you want to watch TV with family at night, you could change to any warm color to enjoy a lazy weekend.

Flashlight & Table Light

Have you seen the above light? Yes, you could also call it "flashlight" or "table light". Actually, they are indeed two lights. If you want to go out at night, you could just take the upper flashlight; if you want to reading books in your room, you could put the flashlight on the lamp base.

The above light is designed by Lifegoods. Many people think that the concept of design is very good, but don't know whether it is convenient to use.

Lemon Light

Although the lemon light is faint, it could make you know how the electric is generated. Except for the switches and sockets, the modern people could hardly understand what a complicated process that how the electricity went into our families 100 years ago.

So the value of this lemon light is becoming complicated to easy. Through this light, you could imagine that how many lemons should be taken to obtain the strong light in your home.


Leave Light

Actually, the leave light is a kind of 'invisible streetlight' by Jongoh Lee - a Korean designer. In our country, the most street lights are designed so complicated that cover the shine of the landscape around the road. But this leave light has been designed to depict the processes of photosynthesis conducted by plants using solar energy. By saving energy from sunlight during the day like actual trees, it emits light at night. The lights'flexible body can be directly wrapped around a tree branch with no support required, blending into the surrounding environment.

Clockwork Table Light

The above table light is designed with clockwork. So it could light itself without electricity. Wind up the light, as the clockwork rotate, it will give its energy to light.

So, it is a real environment-friendly light. And it makes you go back to your childhood. It is also a useful table light. If you like reading or watching TV, and always forget to close the light, you will not worry that any more. It is helpful for your health and saving electricity. You know it will hazard for your metabolism system that lighting when sleeping.


Rubik Light

Have you seen this kind of rubik's cube? Of course, it is not that, but a light set, which is made of some light boxes. If you put it at your home, you will find it could make your room so romantic. But it is a little expensive - $109.

Essential Oil Light

There are more and more people who become know essential oil well and use it. Essential oils are non-oily aromatic liquids occurring naturally in various parts of plants, herbs, flowers, fruits, woods and spices. They contain the life force of the plant and have the ability to strengthen our immune system and to stimulate our bodies' natural healing abilities.

As we are know that there are many ways to use essential oil, one of which is essential oil light. The above light is a kind of essential light, which is also a energy-saving ones. You could put essential oil on the upper layer, then when you light it, it will also begin to insence.

Little Man Night Light

There are many kinds of night lights in now market. But few of them are interesting for us. The above Little Man Night Light is designed as a little man who try to climb up the wall and say "I don't want to make myself brighten up, I don't want to make myself brighten up..." Maybe you could feel interested in such a bored night.


DIY Pretty Puppy Light

Do you want to have some pretty lights in your home? Here I will teach you do a pretty puppy light yourself.

Materials you should prepare:

Vegetable parchment, model bar, bulb, lamp holder, wire, 502 glue, double faced adhensive tape, black paperboard, knife, scissors and ruler.
Production process:

The first step: Cut the model bar in proper length, then fit together them into a puppy generally.
The second step: Stick the puppy model with 502 glue, then put double faced adhensive tape on all of the model bars.
The third step: Cut and stick vegetable parchment on puppy model.
The fourth step: Put 12 pieces of model bars with the same length to fasten the puppy model.
The fifth step: Stick pontes with vegetable parchment.

The sixth step: Cut the black paperboard into some round spots, which are used to stick on the puppy light.
The pretty puppy light:


The Quaint Ear Light

Look at the above man, there is a red light on his left ear. Does it just make us feel beautiful or cool? What is it real function?

Actually it is a kind of indicator light. When he is walking and need to turn left or right, the indicator light will tell people or autoes behind him. Its switch is on the man's belt. He could switch on and off conveniently.

According to the product description, it is mostly used in super markets, where it is so crowed, to avoid traffic accident.


Two-way Flashlight

It is important for you to have a flashlight when you walk in the dark. But do you still worry that there are some troubles in your head. As we are know, most flashlights or torches are one way that makes us can not pay attention to our head and our feet side. So it can not meet our needs.

Now the above new flashlight is designed as a circle shape with a switch on the top of it. It is most wonderful that there are three bulbs in the flashlight, the bigger one is for your head; the two smaller ones are for your feet side. So it is convenient for you to walk safely and quickly.


Flower Bulbs

Have you ever seen this kind of bulbs?

Although there is a flower in the bulb, the function is still luminatiom but not decoration. There is a plug on the end of its light pole, so it could be connected with the socket directly. When you watch TV programe at night, maybe it is a romantic and interesting thing that open on a such flower bulb beside.

Clothes Lighting

I found some interesting lighting from Salone Internationale del Mobile di Milano, which launched in 1961 by a small coalition of furniture manufacturers from within the Federlegno-Arredo trade association with the aim of promoting the exportation of Italian furniture, and which soon became the most prestigious international event in the world of furniture design and production.

Look at the above pictures, you must be surprised by their apperences. The bulbs are covered with some colorful clothes, which is not the real clothes, but just used as chinffon lamp shade. Could you imagine that you watch the European football game under those colorful light. What a incredible feeling!

British Sun Jar

It is a mysterious sun jar, which can collect sunshine in daytime. In an ancient myth, a little girl said to her lover that if he could make her look the sunshine at night, she would merry him. So her lover made his best to search that sunshine from then. At last, he got over many difficulties and beaten a mountain monster, then he got a jar that could collect sunshine. He and the little girl had a happy ending.

Actually, there is an automatic photosensitive device, which emit its light only at night, in the sun jar. Of course, there is also a switch in it, you could close it any time you want.

A Way to See the Wind

In the four seasons every year, you always could feel the wind. It is still a little cold in spring; but very hot in summer; feel so cool in autumn and vevy cold in winter. However, have you ever seen it? Ok, follwing is a good way for you to see it.

This experimental site-specific installation illustrates alternative, sustainable ways of harnessing energy that will explore the power of the wind in the city, visualising it as an ephemeral cloud of light.

The installation is custom built, using 500 mini wind turbines to generate power, which illuminates hundreds of mounted leds, creating firefly-like fields of light, with wind visually interpreted as electronic patterns across the installation.
Wind around the southbank generates the power, creating a unique and thought-provoking light art piece that will delight all ages.

Novel Floor Flower Lights

As we are know that lights are used to give our luminosity,while they are also used for home decoration. So have you seen a kind of lights that could project many beautiful flowers on the ground?

Here I will introduce a interesting light that designed by Ship Tora. It is also a floor light, and there is switch on the top of it. You push the switch botton, then you could see the beautiful flower.

Flat Bulb

Have you ever saw a flat bulb? Before I wrote this article, I have never! The bulbs that we usually use are alway like a ball. But a kind of flat Bulb, designed by korean designer Joonhuyn Kim, come to our life now.

It is 1/3 volume of a normal bulb. It is easily to be packaging and transport! Its flat shape that allows bulbs to be easily stacked and prevents breakage because rolling. I love it! Very cool bulb! Flat Bulb was on display as a part of 100% design tokyo,which Receiving an overwhelming response from both the international and domestic design community as a new and highly respected design event, 100% Design Tokyo has already established itself as Japan’s premier contemporary interiors event.

Luminated Shutter

Are you always hate dark in every night? Here is a kind of luminated shutter that could help you to avoid this trouble. It is designed by Ivan Huber. A Light in the Dark is an active photovoltaic blind system. The sun's energy is captured during the day and released as light by night.

So it is a enviroment-friendly new products that could be used as a night light. Maybe we could also use it in restaurants and hotels, that will add many romantic mood for lovers.