DIY Pretty Puppy Light

Do you want to have some pretty lights in your home? Here I will teach you do a pretty puppy light yourself.

Materials you should prepare:

Vegetable parchment, model bar, bulb, lamp holder, wire, 502 glue, double faced adhensive tape, black paperboard, knife, scissors and ruler.
Production process:

The first step: Cut the model bar in proper length, then fit together them into a puppy generally.
The second step: Stick the puppy model with 502 glue, then put double faced adhensive tape on all of the model bars.
The third step: Cut and stick vegetable parchment on puppy model.
The fourth step: Put 12 pieces of model bars with the same length to fasten the puppy model.
The fifth step: Stick pontes with vegetable parchment.

The sixth step: Cut the black paperboard into some round spots, which are used to stick on the puppy light.
The pretty puppy light:

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