Beautiful Flasher Kite Light at Night

Have you seen many beautiful flasher kites flying in the night sky? If you no, you could choose a dusk or a night at spring to go to a nearby garden, then you must could see many children or lovers fly beautiful kites. I still remember that the first time when I saw the flasher kites, I felt so curious and always thought that was air plane lights for a long time. Until some day, a friend told me that those flasher lights were kites with many LED lights.

Incorporating the latest lightweight miniature electronic technology, each Laser Light Kite features flashing red, blue or green LED lights and an on/off switch and includes a tiny powerful battery, capable of providing up to 20 hours continual use! These lights are bright enough to look spectacular on a dull day or when flown at dawn or duskFly your kites at night with our kite lights, makes you kite look like a UFO! And those LED lights could be used on almost any kite. Use a rubber band to attach to kite spar or invent a myrad of other uses. Moving the elasticised black band up a notch turns the light on/off. Replaceable battery. Lights are available in six different colors.

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